The Story of 'Prince' Salim Khan

| 28-05-2022 6:49 PM 24

"Some 52 years ago, a dashing and handsome young man from Indore took a desicion to move to Bombay to chase a career in acting. His family and friends were not in favor of his choosing a career as an actor and said that he would give up his madness one day and would ask his parents for money to support him in his struggle or that he would give up his dream to be an actor and would come back to Indore where a luxurious life was always waiting for him . When Salim Khan came to know what his people were saying about him, he gave them in writing that he would neither ask for money and nor would give up and come back.

Salim Khan took a train and reached the Bombay Central Station, but he did not know what to so next. He had his dinner in the platform canteen and was about to spread out his mat and go to sleep, but another man kept him awake and asked him if he had come to Bombay to make it as an actor.

He told Salim Khan all kinds of scary stories about hopeful actors who came to Bombay from all over and failed and how some of them went back and how many committed suicide. But Salim Khan was a young Pathan and didn’t let any of the stories affect him.

The next morning he had his morning tea at a dhaba and realised that he had to find a place to stay.

He slept outside the gates of buildings and restaurants for 2 nights till some well wisher told him about a guest house in Bandra called the Marina Guest House which had given shelters to any number of young actors because of the kindness of the owner, Mrs Ruki Mirchandani, who had a soft corner for strugglers. Salim Khan got admission mainly because of his good looks.

He was to pay 55 for a bed every night and he was happy and knew that things would only get worse for him if he had to continue living in a city like Bombay. He found some work as an actor, but he was surprised when any good work didn’t come to him. He kept walking from studio to studio and office to office till he found a job as an assistant in the writing department of Sippy Films, who were making big films and planning films like “Seeta Aur Geeta” and “Sholay”."