American Rapper Coolie Died: Passed Away At 59!

| 29-09-2022 10:51 AM 165

Popular American rapper Coolie has just passed away due to undetermined circumstances. 

Rapper Coolie Death: On Wednesday, it was reported that the 90s popular rapper Coolio who has given hits like Gangsta Paradise, C U When You Get There, Fantastic Voyage has passed away at the age of 59. According to TMZ report, he was visiting a friend on the same day.

His manager claimed that he went to bathroom but didn’t came out for a while. They were met with silence when he and the friend they visited called out his name. They eventually went inside wjere they found Coolio on the floor.

According to TMZ “the friend called EMTs, who arrived and pronounced Coolio dead on the scene -- and Jarez tells us the paramedics suspect he suffered cardiac arrest”. The cause of death is not determined yet.

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