Breaking News: Shruti Haasan Admits to Having a Nose Job! Says “Why Wouldn’t I”.

| 14-10-2022 12:37 PM 100
Shruti Haasan On Nose Job

Unlike other actresses, Shruti Haasan openly talks about getting a nose job. Questions judgmental people and says “it’s my face, why wouldn’t I?

Shruti Haasan On Nose Job: Bollywood and Tamil actress who has worked in films like ‘Ramaiya Vastavaiya’, ‘Yevadu’, ‘Sigham 3’, ‘Puli’ will be back in the Prashanth Neel-directed ‘Salaar’. While discussing her personal life with Hauterrfly, Shruti opened up about her decision of getting a nose job after her nose got broken.

Kamal Haasan’s daughter said "I did get my nose fixed and it was very obvious I got my nose fixed. My nose was broken and quite different from before and I did my first film with my old nose. And people are like she’s just using the deviated septum excuse. No, I did have a deviated septum, it hurt. But if I could make it prettier, it’s my face, why wouldn’t I? It was that simple. I don’t feel the need to justify why I want to look a certain way for myself. They said, ‘Did you get fillers?’ Yeah. I did. ‘And tomorrow, would you get a face lift?’ Maybe, maybe not. who knows?

Shruti also talked about people’s judgmental questions regarding her facial structure and stated “It was a personal choice. Nobody asked me to fix it. When it came to fillers… They said, ‘Shruti’s face is very Western it’s very sharp, it’s very masculine.’ I was constantly hearing this and I did do non-invasive, temporary procedures, which I have been very open about”.
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