Prateek Kuhad's Breakup With Longtime Girlfriend – See Fans Memes On Him

| 28-11-2022 12:10 PM 44
Prateek & Niharika
Source : Instagram Prateek Kuhad has broken up with Niharika Thakur.  

Indie singer Prateek Kuhad, 32, has parted ways with his long-time girlfriend Niharika Thakur, who is a doctor:

2016 film ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ song Kho Gaye Hum Kahan singer Prateek Kuhad had a sad news for his fans. Actually, Prateek has recently parted ways with his long-time girlfriend Niharika Thakur. However, the couple has never been publicly vocal about their relationship. But, Prateek and Niharika rarely click pictures at events and rarely post them on Instagram. Meanwhile, on the one hand, the fans are quite upset with Prateek's heartbreaking news, and on the other hand, memes are also being surfaced of Prateek and Niharika's break-up.

Prateek & Niharika

According to media reports, Prateek Kuhad said on his breakup that “No, I am not. I have not been really vocal about it for a while. Some people still think, but I have not been in a relationship for a little while now. Things ended some time ago.” Prateek also adds “I don’t want to get too personal. But I’m single. I broke up recently”. In the end, up he wraps up by saying “I am good. Have been really busy, lots of shows happening. I have just been making music”.

Prateek & Niharika

Meanwhile, fans are seen making fun of Prateek Kuhad and are also making a lot of memes on social media. Where one user tweeted “prateek kuhad to his gf after breakup: Kya Kasoor hai mera?”