Five Movies That Bring Alive The Gullies Of Dharavi, India’s Largest Slum

| 20-11-2022 12:00 PM 2
Source : Mayapuri Five Movies That Bring Alive The Gullies Of Dharavi, India’s Largest Slum

If Mumbai is the city that is filled with dreams, Dharavi is the pin code that thrives on the ground reality of life. One of the most densely populated areas in the world, Dharavi has paved the way for hard-hitting stories that strike a chord with audiences across the globe. Indian content creators have been producing movies in a wide range of genres, subjects, and locales, and featuring the bylanes of Dharavi has been an integral part of many such narratives. Here are five such movies or shows that perfectly capture the essence of India’s largest slum:

Dharavi Bank

MX Player brings to life the lesser-known world of Asia's greatest slums, which goes by the pin code 400017, also known as Dharavi. Taking down a criminal organization is simply one aspect of 'Dharavi Bank' but above all - it is the strength of the mettle of the protagonists' mental and moral sensibilities which are all put to the test. The show marks Suniel Shetty’s digital debut as the unattainable mafia king Thalaivan and also stars Vivek Anand Oberoi as the restless cop - JCP Jayant Gavaskar, who is on the hunt to bring down this crime nexus. Dharavi Bank will be launching on MX Player on 19th November.


Slumdog Millionaire 

A film that compels you to take notice as it throws light on the city’s lesser-known darker side. The Oscar-winning narrative set in Dharavi encourages people to dream big and believe in the power of knowledge. It beautifully sends across the message that no dream is too big or far-fetched to achieve and that life through experiences has the potential to teach far more than any other formal institution. Honoured with eight Academy Awards, it is a contemporary fairy tale that shows the underbelly of Mumbai in its raw form. One of the greatest movies ever made on Mumbai's underworld follows the life of a youngster from the Dharavi slums who eventually wins Rs 20 million on a quiz show.


Gully Boy 

Murad, a downtrodden individual, uses rap to attempt to express his opinions on societal concerns and living in Dharavi. When he meets Shrikant, often known as MC Sher, a local rapper, his life is significantly altered. Murad is played by Ranveer Singh. With her flair and passion, Zoya Akhtar's direction overcomes the tiredness of the star-is-born plot with the help of electrifying performances from a strong ensemble. A popular rap musical featuring Ranveer Singh in all of his charms, ample helpings of skilfully crafted hip-hop songs, and a compelling, mainly well-woven plot.


Dharavi (City of Dreams)

The 1992 film directed by Sudhir Mishra and starring Om Puri and Madhuri Dixit. is inspired by the largest stretch of slums in the world, where many people live in utter destitution and despair. Focused on a taxi driver and his wife who were living in a Dharavi room in abject poverty was a great illustration of the need for fame, disillusionment, and desperation. Centered around the everyday challenges that a couple living in Asia's greatest slum must endure as well as the couple's daily existence.



The Rajinikanth starrer addresses many of the genuine problems that the Mumbai neighbourhood deals with on a daily basis. The movie depicts the co-existence of communities in Dharavi and this fact is frequently overlooked.  However, the existence of gangs and local strongmen or slumlords is acknowledged as in every such town, they do exist. However, the violence portrayed in the movie is historical and not a constant in Dharavi.