Over the years I have developed an immunity toward haters, says Miss Bulgaria 2019 Margo Cooper

| 16-05-2022 6:00 PM 5

She is not one to pour her heart and soul into understanding why someone chooses to post a negative comment or troll her on social media. Instead, Miss Bulgaria 2019 Margo Cooper, says that she retorts to such comments with a virtual hug - Jyothi Venkatesh“My personal reaction is to ‘love your enemy’ (Bible). I think it’s absolutely normal not to be liked by everyone and over the years I have developed quite an immunity against haters. For me, it took years to build my confidence which doesn’t change with people’s perception of me, neither good nor bad. I understand that I’m working in the entertainment industry and that it’s my personal choice to be a public person. For any hate comment, I give a virtual hug to the person,” says Margo, who is now in Mumbai to pursue a career in acting. The actress says that people bullying on social media has a lot to do with their happiness and very little to do with the celebrity they are trolling. “The problem nowadays is accessibility and easy approach. But it’s not about a particular celebrity and negative reaction towards them. It’s about inner anger, lack of love and confidence that bullies have within them.They have to pour out what they are filled with, all their insecurities are projected towards others who they have easy access to now,” she says. She adds, “I think if those who like to criticise others and bully others would ask themselves why they do it, they will find the inner strength to stop it. But I always say that if you don’t have haters then you are not famous enough yet!” Margo also adds that any kind of publicity is beneficial today. “The fact is that popularity nowadays is convertible to money. Even bad PR and the image of a bad person can make you rich. As we saw in ‘Tinder Swindler’ and ‘Inventing Anna’. It’s people’s choice who to make famous. In general, it’s an indicator of a majority in society and its values.But we live in a fast-changing world and the way people celebrate your achievements is the same way they will drag you down when they find your weak spot,” she says. The mantra to surviving in the industry now is to focus on your work. “Being a celebrity is not a job, it’s a status. I think it’s important to focus on the work you are doing and also to try to make the society you live in, a better place by using your publicity for good. You can’t blame people for throwing stones at you when you have been trying to get their attention by saying negative comments about others,” she says.