Salman Khan & Ketan Kakkad
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Salman Khan Tells Court His Neighbors Are Defaming Him!

| 13-08-2022 11:43 AM 11

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has filed a suit against his neighbor, Ketan Kakkad. The ‘Bharat’ actor claims that Kakkad has uploaded various videos of him that are not only defamatory but are also communally provocative in nature. On Friday, Salman Khan informed the Bombay High Court to direct Kakad to remove those videos about his activities from the Panvel farmhouse.

Khan’s counsel Ravi Kadam said, “The videos uploaded by Kakkad are blithely speculative. They were not only defamatory, but also communally provoked the viewers against Salman Khan”.

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He continued “In the video, the defendant (Kakkad) compares Salman Khan to Babar and Aurangazeb. He (Kakkad) says it had taken 500 years for the Ayodhya Mandir (temple) to come up and here Salman Khan is trying to shut down a Ganesha temple”.

Talking about the video’s impact, the counsel added “These videos are watched by lakhs of viewers who then post their comments against Salman Khan. This is clearly provoking the viewers against Salman. The videos have communalised everything and made it Hindus vs Muslims.”

He also talked about Ketan Kakkad and how he has alleged that the ‘Dabangg’ actor is “is running business of drug trafficking, organ trafficking and child trafficking from his farmhouse” and is involved with underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. 

This is not the first time that Salman Khan is at the war with Ketan Kakkad. Earlier, there was a land dispute between the neighbors. Stay tuned with Mayapuri for more Bollywood news.