Sunidee Chauhan: OTT Has Become A Medium Where TV And Film Actors Are Working Together

| 09-06-2022 8:23 PM 11

It is the feeling of equality and a common platform which OTT has brought with it in full form, says actress Sunidee Chauhan - Jyothi Venkatesh The actress, who was last seen in the show Vidrohi, says that OTT has really made it easy for actors to find work. “OTT has become an all-actor platform where television and Bollywood actors are working together. It has become a medium where both the industry actors are working at the same level,” she says, adding, “It has become easy to pursue acting nowadays with so many platforms coming up. New actors are emerging in every series.” The actress says that while younger actors lack experience, they are spontaneous. “Obviously, experience matters a lot which seasoned actors have, giving them the upper hand. Young actors lack that but there is so much innocence, freshness and modern creativity in them where I suppose seasoned actors lack,” she says. Content on TV has also improved, says Sunidee. “I do agree with this that web shows have affected the contents of TV. TV shows that are continuing for years now, are evolving according to the current content appraised by the audience,” she says, adding, “I appreciate the fact that the entertainment industry is growing up, showcasing the reality in front of the audience, whether it's movies or web shows and sometimes there are TV shows made on real stories of the past. But what is shown might not be absolutely realistic, it's been manipulated most of the time.”