Amazon Prime Release ‘Malayankunju’ Review! Fahadh Faasil is Back With a Full Force!

| 12-08-2022 4:38 PM 22
Source : facebook 'Malayankunju' a survival thriller? Think again!

Fahadh Faasil is back with another ingenious film titled ‘Malayankunju’ (trans. Malayan [caste] Child). It was recently released on the OTT platform of Amazon Prime. Said to be primarily a survival thriller, this Fahadh Faasil film has so much to offer. Read for a detailed interview below.

If you have seen the trailers of ‘Malayankunju’, one thing that you would perfectly understand is that it deals with some sort of calamity or a natural disaster. Like many other films in this genre, be it Indian or Hollywood, the survival genre is a tough one to crack. So many variations and tropes have already been exhausted in this category. 

Despite this, the majority of the people who knew of its existence were excited about Sajimon Prabhakar’s directorial debut. Be it due to the leading man Fahadh Faasil, who has impeccable taste in script selection, the layered writing, and flawless cinematography of Mahesh Narayanan, A.R Rahman’s magic, or the impressive-looking trailers. But there is so much more to the film than what we expect.

Fahadh Faasil

Fahadh Faasil as Anikuttan!

‘Malayankunju’ is set in a monsoon season of hilly terrains in Kerala. We are introduced to the protagonist of the film, Anikuttan aka Anil Kumar played seamlessly by Fahadh Faasil. He lives with his mother and does electronics repairing work. The first thing that you would notice about him is that he’s pretty unlikeable. He’s that eccentric neighbor who sh*ts on everyone and has the ability to pick up a fight even with a dog. I meant that literally! 


Still from 'Malayankunju'!

Apart from this, Anil is a casteist and a bigot. He looks down upon people who belong to different castes. Now, this is a crucial point as you may feel emotionally disconnected from the movie ahead. Many may outright reject and dismiss his character. There is no justification for him being awful but there’s more to the story than meets the eye. 


Neighbor's baby Ponni!

Anil’s life is turned upside down when the neighboring couple’s daughter, Ponni, is born. Ponni and the couple belong to a different caste. Adding on to Anil’s ire, like all newborns, Ponni cries incessantly, disturbing his self-imposed isolation. It was pretty surprising that for a film posing as a survival thriller, ‘Malayankunju’ dealt with a very sensitive theme. The first half of the film is a fast-paced family drama. 

Now, for those who are used to the neck-breaking speed of the action flicks like ‘RRR’, ‘KGF, etc., it may feel a little slow. But when they say some things are meant to be slow, then it is true. You cannot have the survival genre of the second half without the character building of the former part. 

On the whole, ‘Malayankunju’ talks about various things. From overarching subjects like castism, environmental degradation, nature vs. technology, natural calamity, ignorance to PSAs (Public Service Announcements), etc., the film also subtly discusses underlying issues like personal tragedies affecting someone’s point of view, self-destruction, and most importantly, redemption. 


Still from 'Malayankunju'!

In a few words, ‘Malayankunju’ is all about redeeming, changing, and forgiving before you die. A character in the film profoundly says that “castes only remain until we die” and that’s the exact message ‘Malayankunju’ wants to impart. You don’t have to go through an earth-shattering disaster to let all of this go. 

Coming to the performances, Fahadh Faasil has once again proved why he is the future of Indian cinema. Anil is pretty complex and the way Fahadh balances his anguish and appalling nature are commendable. Even though ‘Malayankunju’ is a single-character narrative, other actors like Rajisha Vijayan, Jaffar Idukki, and Jaya S Kurup are precise and to the point. 

The music and original score are composed effectively by none other than the Oscar winner, AR Rahman. Few may feel like it was a little loud and dominating at some points in the film, but I loved it. Special shout-outs to the sound department and the technical crew who, on a limited budget, made the second half of the film possible.

Watch Fahadh Faasil’s latest ‘Malayankunju’ below and stay tuned with Mayapuri for more reviews and Bollywood news.