Source : Google A black comedy film 'Darlings' starrer Alia Bhatt, Vijay Varma and Shefali Shah.

Movie Review: Darlings – This Black Comedy Will Keep You Glued To The Screens!

| 05-08-2022 03:17 PM 7

A bruised, battered woman rises like a phoenix from the ashes of an abusive marriage and instead of moving on with her life, she decides to give it back to her abuser husband. A simple storyline, which could have ended up anywhere in the hands of someone else, in the brilliant direction of Jasmeet K Reen, takes a deliciously satirical and dark turn, exposing the fault lines in many marriages that appear perfectly normal on the outside. 

Alia Bhatt (Badrunnisa) plays the quintessential lead with the perfect mix of naiveté, conviction, and a little bit of goofiness that leaves the audience rooting for her. Shefali Shah (Shamsunnisa) as the mother excels in every scene that she’s in. Carrying her own baggage, she doesn’t want to see her daughter go through the same. But when Badru decides to switch it up and give Hamza (Vijay Varma) the taste of his own medicine, she goes along with the plan all the way.

Vijay has played Hamza’s character with an intensity that makes you hate the character. As an actor, it is one of the most impressive things one can do, and Vijay Varma has proven himself time and over again that he is willing to challenge different boundaries with every character that he plays.

Kiran Karmarkar and Roshan Matthew are brilliant in their roles. Jasmeet K Reen has handled this delicate film in a way that keeps you glued to the screen.  Give it a try Darlings, you would definitely likes it.