Mayapuri Group, which is one of the pioneers of this growth, launched Lotpot, a comic book for children in 1969. Lotpot established some iconic comic characters in India as Chacha Chaudhary and “Motu Patlu”. The industry saw a consistent growth from late 1960’s to 1980’s.  During its popular comics in India easily sold more than 500,000 copies during their shelf life of severalThe last decade has seen transformation strategies such as digital comics, movies, video games and animation series about comic characters being produced.

We printed the first Indian Hindi film magazine by the name of  “Mayapuri”, which proved to be a big success. Subsequently, We started publishing and printing of one of India’s first children magazine “Lotpot” which again was widely accepted by the masses and the characters of the magazine [“Motu Patlu”, “ Sheikhchilli”, “Natkhat Neetu”, “Junior Jassos Chelaram” & “Jaanbaaz Deva”] became iconic with time. The circulation of Mayapuri  & LOTPOT magazine  stood at – 100,000 & 1,10,000 copies respectively  with a readership of approximately 8,60,000  &  8,50,000 (an estimate that each magazine is read by at least 9-10 people).


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